Hot-Spot Dilemma

I love my laptop. Seriously, I believe that all personal computers should be laptops and that people should actually stop getting those immobile, heavy, power consuming, thermal tanks called desktop PCs.

Best thing about a mobile computer is that it’s mobile, what makes me love it even more are the hot spots that are popping up everywhere. But what happens when you go to your usual  everyday hot spot, to sit down and enjoy a cool drink and relax, to find it occupied by complete strangers…

I know everybody has a right to do whatever they want but invading your own personal space, it just makes me furious. What’s worse, is that every other seat is also taken! What infuriates me even more is when those people, take up up to 5 different spaces! I mean 5 people could have sat down there but you just had to take up 5 spaces to read your newspaper?

Sometimes, I don’t know how people think.


~ by ngraves on June 10, 2009.

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