.hack //G.U. Trilogy Wallpapers

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I’m a huge fan of the .hack series.  Especially the G.U. trilogy. When I found these wallpapers I decided to upload them here, they’re amazing.






Tuna Turmoil

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Before today I had only tasted tuna twice, I loved it both times. So I decided to buy myself a can of chunk tuna and make a meal out of it. One problem, I didn’t know what to do with it.

It was just me and the can of tuna alone in the kitchen, eying each other, wondering what to do next. I decided to do what any 21st Century human being would do, go to the internet for the answer. I found hundreds of recipes, salads to pastas to tunaloafs to a load of other things. Funny how many recipes are out there for simple old tuna, problem is, none of them were simple for my taste. Second, they all used mayonnaise. I hate mayonnaise. Plus I don’t like my food liquefied, I love food to have texture, taste and spice.

So I decided to make my own tuna salad, cause I was in no mood to make sandwiches.

So here I am with my cold can of tuna and looking for ingredients to make a delicious simple mouth watering salad. So I started pulling out stuff that I like and here’s the result:

Simple Tuna Caesar Salad (No Mayo)


1 medium can of cold light tuna (it’s around 6 ounces, chunked)

1/2 green pepper sliced and diced

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon pepper

1/4 teaspoon cumin

1 squeezed lemon

1 loaf of bread, cut into fine pieces and toasted


1. Drain the tuna really well, make sure its nice and cool too.

2. Slice and dice the green pepper, keep it aside for now.

3. Cut up the bread into small squares and put them in a sandwich toaster, toast till white but crispy.

(You can use any bread and with the  quantity you want, make sure its not too much though, its a salad not a sandwich. I used a loaf of burger bread, cause that’s what I had around. Cut it into any shape you want, I just like squares.)

4. Put the tuna chunks in a bowl and use a fork to shred is up a little bit.

5. Drop the sliced green pepper into the bowl and mix it up with the tuna.

6. Now put the salt, pepper, cumin and lemon into the tuna bowl and mix it around.

(You don’t have to use the exact amount of salt, pepper and cumin, it’s dependant on your taste so feel free to use what you want here.)

7. Throw in the toasted bread bits and mix it around.

8. Enjoy.

It was amazing! Seriously I didn’t want the bowl to end, but it did. Now I didn’t get the shredded tuna in the first place because it just soaks up too much oil and doesn’t taste that good.

I absolutely loved that tuna salad, but I feel that it’s missing something. I’m going to dedicate an entire page to tuna, I’m going to experiment with different recipes until I find the perfect tuna recipe.

If you have any ideas I’m wide open, lets have some tuna people!

It’s all about Choice – A World of Warcraft Story

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Life is all about choices, every few minutes you realize that there is something that you have to choose from.

What am I gonna eat for breakfast?

Where are we going to go out on Friday night?

What am I gonna wear today?

Whats my favorite color?

These questions never end. Whether they’re trivial things like which pillow you like the most to life altering decisions like changing career or getting married.

I’m actually the kind of person who is confident only about pretty much one thing, I’m freaking indecisive. Even if I end up making a decision I usually question the decisions that I make, all the time. Whether its choosing what character to play in a game, or whether me going into mechanical engineering was a good decision or if electrical engineering would have been a better choice.

Another thing about me is that I love games, and I hate it when I have to choose a class. I’m not the kinda person who has a certain play style, or class that I usually play with. Let me elaborate, now I’m quite certain everybody has heard of World of Warcraft.

The magnificent World of Warcraft

Where have I seen this before?

Lets see here, I started off with a character, it was a Night Elf Hunter, I really enjoyed playing with him up until level 15. Then I deleted him to make a Night Elf Warrior, which was a PvP blast! Until lvl 28, then I deleted him too. To make a Human Mage, which happily sparked along till level 31, then he met the delete button. Then I made a Dwarf Hunter, who blasted his way to level 26, only to meet the same fate.

This cycle continued for another 4 characters, ranging from humans to orcs, paladins to rogues, until I decided to go and try a Warlock, not because I wanted to play with him but to just use him to annoy one of my friends.

It was pretty much the only character to survive with me! Slightly longer than the others, he actually met a worse fate. He reached level 50, which was by the original WoW standards, 10 levels away from endgame. I didn’t just delete him, I ended up selling all his items to an NPC, donating all the money, having him wear nothing but his undergarments, run all around Ironforge to announce his demise (I was a bit into Roleplay), to have all of Ironforge wait at the great forge and watch me jump into the hot flowing lava ( I think it was lava) for the first and literally last time.

Then he met the delete button, after which I made a Human Paladin that I twinked until level 27, which became known as on of the most feared PvP twinked Paladins in the level 20 – 30 range.

I started to feel guilty about throwing away my Warlock, so I asked Blizzard to give him back, which they gracefully did. Starting out with my underwear at level 50 and not a single piece of copper was not what I had in mind, but there were a few good folks that helped me get through.

Now remember my twink Paladin? Wonder what happened to him, well lets just say he also met the delete button!

Then I quit WoW at level 53.

Quite a story don’t you think? So here’s is the think I want to ask you all;

“What helps YOU make your choices? What helps you stay determined with your choice?”

I don’t mean that only in a gaming sense, you can apply that to anything you want.


Hot-Spot Dilemma

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I love my laptop. Seriously, I believe that all personal computers should be laptops and that people should actually stop getting those immobile, heavy, power consuming, thermal tanks called desktop PCs.

Best thing about a mobile computer is that it’s mobile, what makes me love it even more are the hot spots that are popping up everywhere. But what happens when you go to your usual  everyday hot spot, to sit down and enjoy a cool drink and relax, to find it occupied by complete strangers…

I know everybody has a right to do whatever they want but invading your own personal space, it just makes me furious. What’s worse, is that every other seat is also taken! What infuriates me even more is when those people, take up up to 5 different spaces! I mean 5 people could have sat down there but you just had to take up 5 spaces to read your newspaper?

Sometimes, I don’t know how people think.